One man’s bullshit is another man’s pâté de foie gras

A friend was recommended, pressured in my view, to do a life altering personal change weekend recently. The promise was that you will never be the same person again…just give us two days… and a few thousand rand! I am gratified to report that the person is exactly the same person they were prior to the stroll along Damascus road. So did the life altering personal change weekend people fail? Well they got their tom, the dosh…so no. Money Slang Words

Repairing the world

Royal crown cola
Tikkun Olam It is said that the creation of the world was left incomplete, this was done we are told to allow each of us to help complete creation by our constructive actions. Whether one subscribes to that perspective or not few would argue that the world needs as much help as possible. The world needs to be a better place for human beings. The question thus arises, are we responsible for the state of the world, if we are then we each must decide what each of us will do? People who choose...

Hearing, meta-hearing & herring

I had to change a bank card number with PayPal today. I sent an email to the contact desk to express my concern that a link to verify my new card was not working. The reply I received was comforting. “I understand that you need help in confirming your new Visa card. I'm sorry if it caused any inconvenience. Don't worry, I'm here to help you”. I felt as if a really good friend was speaking to me, one who knew and valued me! I am reminded again of the words of Maya Angelou. “People will forg...