Supportive education

I am on LinkedIn. I subscribe to two groups Special Education Needs and Inclusive Education. I don’t like the terms special education, special needs, inclusive education, exceptionalities etc. I know what they mean but I also know what they really mean. However well-intentioned the advocacy is these words ultimately result in the separation of us and them; the perpetuation of the other and never really changes the status quo (read the organisation of power). What should be firmly ingrained as pe...

Jewish Life Article

School in Harare was a disaster for Julian Leon educationally and psychologically. So it might seem strange that he went on to spend nearly 20 years working at a school as a counsellor helping to develop the inclusive education programme at Herzlia. “Herzlia however,” he says “is more than a school, it is community and family, my own children were there. I had a responsibility to them and all the kids who needed support to try and make their experiences different”. Here Julian tells his story. ...