Have I met them?

I’ve never met a black person I’ve met a light brown person I’ve met a deep dark brown person I’ve met a person with a yellow hue But I’ve never met a white person I’ve met a person with a splodgy pink and beige colour To be fair I’ve met a splodgy pink and beige colour person who was brown And I’ve met a brown person who was splodgy pink and beige colour So I get confused, some bewilderment that I have never met these people These different folk with strange colours t...

The perfect maze

It is exceedingly difficult to navigate this particular maze. It is very well built. A great deal of effort and a complex understanding of deviousness have gone into the making and maintenance of this dastardly labyrinth.   To say that one can easily become lost in this maze is a serious understatement; It is designed for the lost to stay lost. I have come to believe that the maze builders, Devoted as they were to their enterprise are themselves, deeply lost   ...

Invitation to battle

31 Dec 2009 It is an invitation to battle. So I am lying in bed enjoying the pleasant drowsiness of nearly falling asleep; the semi psychotic hypnopompic or is it hypnagogic (?) state when out of nowhere screams the noise of a motorcycle booming like thunder in the road downstairs. It is a noise that enters and violates the physical body with such overwhelming disruption that no attempt to ignore it is possible. Now considering that the road downstairs is no longer than 46 metres from the 90 de...

I wanna be them!

I wanna be them! One day a person was sitting on the stoep on a glorious sunny and windless Cape Town day, agitated and dissatisfied. The person was talking to someone who was very close and dear to them. “I know that I’ll be happy if I could be them,” the person said pointing to those people over there. “I will be content when I have what they’ve got. What I’ve got is no good. They are sooo happier than me. They are more successful than me….they are perfect, I wanna be them…not me!” The s...

Traditional Burnout Recipe

TRADITIONAL BURNOUT RECIPE (Also known as Compassion Fatigue Pie in northern climes). This recipe has been a secret for many years but is shared here for all to enjoy. Some ingredients and preparation methods may vary from chef to chef. Bon appetit! Serves many people including spouses and dependents...