Julian Leon

Julian Leon obtained an Honours degree in Religious Studies from the University of Cape Town, a second Honours degree in Psychology from Rhodes University and a Masters degree in Psychology, also from the University of Cape Town.  He is currently conceptualising and considering a proposal for an intended PhD in Psychology. Julian is a Zimbabwe licensed clinical psychologist; AHPCZ registration number AP0022. He gained knowledge and experience working at Parirenyatwa & Harare Hospital Psychiatric Units, Harare Family Counselling Unit and St Giles Medical Rehabilitation Centre which specializes in stroke and traumatic brain injury interventions as part of his clinical internship in Zimbabwe.

His professional work came to focus on the practice of therapeutic and supportive psychology in an educational context working at Herzlia School for nineteen years. Working as a school counsellor in the middle school and later as the Head of Education Support of United Herzlia Schools, he was given the responsibility of creating and managing the award winning Inclusive Education programme for the entire Herzlia School system of pre-primary, primary, middle and high schools including the creation, supervision and management of the Developmental Education Unit based in the High School specializing in the provision of personal and life skills training and vocational certification. The miracle of the Inclusive programme was that it works with children irrespective of their apparent high or low abilities….all children belong, have value & have worth. His work in the development of inclusive education is especially meaningful as Julian struggled at school and at university due to undiagnosed learning disabilities.

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The other area of his professional work focused on screening, assessment and counselling with a strong emphasis on crisis and emergency management interventions. He also facilitated weekly groups for the children of the middle school focusing on sex, HIV/AIDS and drug education, self-awareness, development and life choices.

“I believe that the role of therapeutic psychology is to help people understand who they are, how they got to be who they are and to help them cope with the demands of their lives by fulfilling their potential in the world; psychological health and potential go together”.

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What does it mean that I must live my potential?