Julian Leon obtained an Honours degree in Religious Studies from the University of Cape Town, a second Honours degree in Psychology from Rhodes University and a Masters degree in Psychology, also from the University of Cape Town.  He is a Zimbabwe licensed clinical psychologist…. ReadMore

How do we define what it means to be mentally healthy? The following explanation works for me…..

Susan Johnson says that “health is being able to fully engage in current moment-to-moment experience and use this experience to make active choices in how to define the self and relate to others. Key experiences are explored, integrated, and used to expand the range of an individual’s responses, rather than being denied or distorted. The value of being authentic—trusting one’s experience and being true to oneself—is implicit in this model and intricately linked to intimate connection to others”.

ABOVE ALL……I AM A LISTENER……. I listen…. to help people understand themselves and their lives, where they have come from, where they are now, and what choices they have made and why. I help identify the gifts and the burdens that we each carry, and, how to cope with the gifts and, the burdens. To help people discover the power, the psychological freedom and confidence to know who they are, for better or worse and to express and delight in their potential,  for the betterment of themselves and the betterment of others in the world, in a calm, insightful and safe context.


psychotherapy_services2Individual, pre-marital, marital and  family counselling consultations are available. I also offer coaching, mentoring, trauma debriefing, career and general counselling. I am not contracted to South African Medical Aids.

I work closely with medical, psychiatric, psychological and social work professionals and I am thus in a position  to recommend referrals and assessments if I believe that such an intervention is indicated or might be helpful for any reason. Click on this link to contact me.


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I specialise and have many years experience in the conception, development & management of human potential development projects from Inclusive Education programmes in school settings to Vocational Training & Skills programmes to Training in the Workplace for Students to consulting and training on the efficacy of Customer Services provided by companies.

My focus is not only to work on planning, action and implementation but to also align to the mission/vision and make clear the values, principles and ethical goals of the endeavour or project being developed by the people involved.



I call it “Psychological Orienteering, exploring and navigating the lines of our life at any age” but, again it’s really about my ability to listen, to hear and to see what is before me and reflect it back to those who gave it.

I love participating in, teaching and facilitating learning experiences with people of all ages.  I run popular learner groups at schools in Cape Town. I work with people of any age in any setting or context who want to play, experience and learn about themselves. Groups provide challenging experiences that are designed to make participants  feel, think question and arrive at a strong sense of who they are, how they roll, what paths have heart and meaning for them and how they make decisions in their lives.

  • Knowing , Loving & Not Losing Yourself
  • Can you see the real me? How did I come to be this version of me? Determinism, distortion and authenticity.
  • You cannot be whatever you want to be?
  • I am Therefore I Feel: The importance of Emotional Processing
  • The Psychology of Coping
  • Midlife – where to from here?
  • Openness, Closedness and Intimacy
  • Biographical Timeline Techniques of self-understanding
  • Love & Farginen in education, family and workplace.

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