Always pay it forward in some way…

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Always pay it forward in some way…

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“Yiddish has a very special verb, unknown to most other languages: farginen. It means to open space, to share pleasure; it is the exact opposite of the verb to envy. While envy means disliking or resenting the happiness of others, farginen means making a pact with another individual’s pleasure or happiness. This unique word represents the space in which we allow others to express their happiness, feeling of success, or gladness….

“Discipline is a fundamental factor. The greater the investment in life, the greater value given to the inner self, the easier it is to feel content with one’s share in life. And the greater the satisfaction with life, the greater the ability to feel happy, to farginen other people. Every time we are able to celebrate someone else’s happiness, we will, by definition, have greater reason to celebrate ourselves. In this way, we can widen our chances for enjoying life, freeing ourselves from the imprisonment of our own luck. Farginen sets up networks of confidence that enrich life.”


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