Know Yourself-Love Being Yourself-Don't Lose Yourself-Make the World Better


Susan Johnson says that “health is being able to fully engage in current moment-to-moment experience and use this experience to make active choices in how to define the self and relate to others. Key experiences are explored, integrated, and used to expand the range of an individual’s responses, rather than being denied or distorted. The value of being authentic—trusting one’s experience and being true to oneself—is implicit in this model and intricately linked to intimate connection to others”.


I listen…. to help people understand themselves and their lives, where they have come from, where they are now, and what choices they have made and why. I help identify the gifts and the burdens that we each carry, and, how to cope with the gifts and, the burdens. To help people discover the power, the psychological freedom and confidence to know who they are, for better or worse and to express and delight in their potential, for the betterment of themselves and the betterment of others in the world, in a calm, insightful and safe context.


Julian Leon obtained an Honours in Religious Studies from the University of Cape Town, an Honours in Psychology from Rhodes University and a Master’s in Psychology from the University of Cape Town. He gained knowledge and experience interning at Parirenyatwa & Harare Hospital Psychiatric Units, Harare Family Counselling Unit and St Giles Medical Rehabilitation Centre which dealt with stroke and traumatic brain injury. He practiced therapeutic and supportive psychology working at Herzlia School for 19 years. Working as a school counsellor in the Middle School then, as Head of Education Support of United Herzlia Schools. He was charged with creating and managing the award winning Inclusive Education programme for all Herzlia schools, including the creation, and management of the Developmental Education Unit in the High School providing life skills training and vocational certification. A therapist in private practice, Julian counsels clients pro-bono at Jewish Community Services and Oranjia Child & Youth Centre. He facilitates crisis interventions and school student groups. He is a past invited member of Jewish Care Cape and has presented at conferences in South Africa & Israel.