Parnasa-Giving People Livelihood

Know Yourself-Love Being Yourself-Don't Lose Yourself-Make the World Better

Do you have skills that you can teach to someone? Are there skills that you want to learn from someone?

Are you an accountant who knows photography? Do you want to teach somebody the skill of photography and perhaps help them create a career to support themselves and their family? Perhaps you would also want to teach someone how to keep basic business books? Do you have a love of the visual arts but lack the skills to make it your career, pastime or passion, need someone to teach you the basics so that you can start?

Are you a mechanic who knows how to make cheese products? Perhaps you would want to teach someone how to do a basic car service? Would you like to learn how to make cheese products and start a small enterprise making and selling cheese?

In short, are you anybody who has useful skills to teach someone? Are you someone who is wanting to learn skills to help build your life and potential?

Here’s the goal: “To teach skills and impart knowledge so as to help people of any age to find and build their potential, creative joy and dignity so that they may support themselves and their families and contribute productively to their communities – and to then pay it forward for the benefit of others through further acts of loving kindness.”

Let us know what you can and want to teach. Let us know what you want to learn.