The perfect maze

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The perfect maze

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It is exceedingly difficult to navigate this particular maze.

It is very well built.

A great deal of effort and a complex understanding of deviousness have gone into the making and maintenance of this dastardly labyrinth.


To say that one can easily become lost in this maze is a serious understatement;

It is designed for the lost to stay lost.

I have come to believe that the maze builders,

Devoted as they were to their enterprise are themselves, deeply lost


Ignorant of this fact the builders defiantly live to ensure that their maze is impenetrable, irrationally so; ‘once in never out!’ is their guiding motto.

The builders congregate late at night when the lost one finally gives up hope of exiting or seeing another person, at least for that night.


Deflated and empty with self-assurances that now blow dry, hollow and light in the breath of exhaustion the lost one eagerly give thanks for the retreat into sleep and a brief rest from the torment of inexorable hopeful endeavour.

The builders rub their hands in glee.


“We did it!  Another day he stayed lost!”